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Biospada y Biospada Plus certificados por INVIMA

Biospada and Biospada Plus receive certification from INVIMA (Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos) for KatanTech Colombia S.A.S.  (INVIMA is is the Colombian equivalent to FDA in the United States).

Biospada and Biospada Plus are approved to be used in Food & Beverage Facilites.

We are happy to share that Katantech Colombia has received the necesary documents from INVIMA for the production and comercialization of Biospada and Biospada Plus in the Colombian Market.  

The assigned Sanitary Registrations Codes, and Sanitary Notification Codes are as follow: 

The assigned Certificate number for the products that do not reguire obligatory sanitation notification for production and comercialization in Colombia, are: 

# 2011132525  for Biosapada 75, Biospada 125, Biospada 500, Biospada Plus30, Biospada Plus 500

Additionally, the certificates provided by INVIMA authorize the use of Biospada and Biosapda Plus in surfaces that are in contact with food and beverages, such as  in food and beverage plants.  

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